• Separation of grit from liquid flows
  • Receives settle-able grit in liquids from upstream process
  • Grit settles in inlet hopper by gravity
  • Organic material is removed by turbulence in the inlet hopper
  • Additional washing by optional air or water jet agitation
  • Optional fats, oils and grease removal in inlet hopper
  • Inclined shaft-less or shafted screw transports settled grit to discharge end
  • Grit dewaters by gravity in the transport zone
  • Dry grit is discharged vertically into receiver bin or conveyor
  • Trough wear protected by metal or HDPE liner

Technical specifications:

Material 304ss, 316ss, carbon steel HDG
Screw 304ss, 316ss, micro alloy steel
Trough protection 304ss, 316ss wear bars or HDPE liner
Screw diameter 240 – 280mm
Screw type shaft-less or shafted
Transport length 3710 – 6240mm
Inclination 25 deg
Discharge height 1500 – 2400 from ground level
Flow rate 20 – 100 m3/h wet solids 2 – 5% DS
Grit separation 95%  of particles >200 micron
Organics removal 50 – 90% with additional washing
Grit extraction  2000 kg/h at 90% DS
Discharge height 1500 – 2330mm


  • Grit removal from liquids flow after upstream screening process
  • Typically used with upstream vortex grit removal system in municipal sewerage works