The wastewater press screw separator comprises a wedge wire screen basket to capture the suspended solids, which are removed by a rotating screw having a very small tolerance between the screw flights and the screen basket surface. As the solids are pushed towards the discharge end, they form a plug in the compaction zone where dewatering takes place. Two adjustable metal flaps located at the discharge-end provide the counter-pressure to form the plug and control the degree of dewatering to take place. This machine is extensively used in the paper mills, but works equally well with any fibre-based solids. To treat very fine suspended particles, we recommend using a polymer as a flocculant to enhance the dewatering properties of the sludge.


  • Separation of suspended solids from liquid flows
  • Fixed screen drum captures suspended solids
  • Rotating screw removes solids from screen surface and transports solids to compaction zone
  • Solids discharge axially into receiver bin or conveyor
  • Compaction of solids before discharge
  • Dryness controlled by adjustable pressure in compaction zone
  • No washing in the screen zone
  • Optional flushing system

Technical specifications:

Material 304ss, 316ss, cast iron
Screw  304ss, 316ss
Aperture 0.25 – 1mm wedge wire
Flow rate  1 – 34 m3/h at 0.25 – 10% DS
Solids dryness up to 45%
Cleaning precision screw