The wastewater screw conveyor compactor comprises an inclined rotating screw to transport the inlet wet solids to the compaction zone located at the top-end of the conveyor. After compaction, the solids are discharged into a receiving bin or conveyor. The degree of compaction and dewatering depends on the solids type.


  • Compaction of screened solids
  • For installation above ground
  • Receives screenings from upstream treatment
  • Excess water drains from the solids in the inlet zone by gravity and perforated plate
  • Inclined shaft-less screw transports solids to compaction zone
  • Compacted solids discharge axially into receiver bin or conveyor
  • Dryness adjustable by counter weight position

Technical specifications:

Material 304ss, 316ss, MS HDG
Screw 304ss, 316ss, micro alloy steel
Wear bars 304ss, 316ss, HDPE liner
Inlet aperture 8mm perforated holes
Screw diameter 200 – 400mm
Screw type Shaft-less
Transport length 1000 – 12000mm
Inclination  5 – 30 deg
Flow rate 2 – 8 m3/h wet solids
Solids dryness up to 45%