The wastewater screw conveyor comprises a rotating screw to transport sludge or screenings from the inlet to the discharge chute located at the opposite end where it is received by the next treatment process. The inclination can be anywhere between horizontal and vertical.


  • Transportation of dry or wet sludge between stations
  • Receives screenings or sludge from upstream process
  • Rotating screw transports solids to discharge end
  • Optional shaft-less or shafted
  • Trough wear protected by metal or HDPE liner
  • Transport in horizontal, inclined or vertical direction

Technical specifications:

Material 304ss, 316ss, carbon steel HDG
Screw 304ss, 316ss, micro alloy steel
Trough protection 304ss, 316ss wear bars or HDPE liner
Screw diameter 150 – 600mm
Screw type shaft-less or shafted
Inlet length Variable
Transport length 500 – 28000mm
Inclination horizontal, inclined, vertical
Flow rate 0.5 – 35 m3/h wet solids
Inlet No. variable