The wastewater screw press comprises a rotating heavy-duty screw to transport the wet solids to be dewatered and compacted towards the compaction zone at the discharge-end of the machine. The compaction zone comprises adjustable metal flaps to control the amount of pressure applied by the rotating screw. This machine is typically used in paper mills to compact coarse rejects coming from the plant.


  • Compaction of screened solids
  • Receives coarse rejects typically from paper mill
  • Horizontal shafted screw transports solids to compaction zone
  • Compacted solids discharge axially into receiver bin or conveyor
  • Dryness controlled by adjustable pressure plate
  • Optional hydraulic motor for increased compaction

Technical specifications:

Material 304ss, 316ss
Inclination horizontal
Flow rate 0.3 – 2.5 ton/h bone dry at 12 – 20% inlet consistency
Solids dryness up to 65%
Compaction up to 75% reduction by volume