The wastewater screw screen in sump comprises a screen zone, a vertical screw transport zone and solids compaction zone. The liquid is fed to the screen zone via a flanged connection and the screened liquid flows through the screen and discharges directly into a receiving sump. The separated solids are transported by means of the vertical screw screen to the compaction zone where it is compacted before discharged into a receiving bin or conveyor. The screening zone is cleaned by means of rotating brushes and spray nozzles and must be mounted such as to always be above the sump water level.


  • Separation of suspended solids from liquid flows
  • For installation in a sump, with inlet flange connection
  • Fixed screen basket captures suspended solids
  • Rotating brushes remove solids from screen surface
  • Vertical screw transports solids to compaction zone
  • Solids discharge vertically into receiver bin or conveyor
  • Compaction of solids before discharge
  • Washing in the screen zone

Technical specifications:

Material 304ss, 316ss
Screw 304ss, 316ss, micro alloy steel
Wear bars 304ss, 316ss
Aperture 0.25 – 8mm wedge wire / perforated holes
Screen width 200 – 700mm
Screw length variable
Inclination 90 deg
Discharge height 1500 from ground level
Flow rate 20 – 1000 m3/h clean water
Cleaning rotating brushes in screen zone