The wastewater static screen separates suspended solids from liquid flows by means of an inclined wedge wire screen panel. The liquid to be treated is typically pumped into the receiver surge tank located at the top-end of the machine at a flow velocity of approximately 1 m/s. From the surge tank the liquid flows over a horizontal weir and falls onto the inclined wedge wire panel. The separated liquid collects in the sump located at the bottom-end of the machine, from where it is discharged by gravity for down-stream processing. The separated solids are discharged at the bottom-end of the wedge wire panel into a receiver bin by means of an optional extension chute.


  • Separation of suspended solids from liquid flows
  • Effluent inlet is top-fed to static screen wedge wire panel
  • Screened solids are captured on wedge wire panel surface and discharged at the open end
  • Screen panel needs periodic manual cleaning
  • No moving parts
  • proven, rugged, reliable, high quality and low maintenance

Technical specifications:

Material 3CR12ss, 304ss, 316ss
Aperture 0.25 – 3mm wedge wire
Flow Rate 6 – 330 m3/h
Cleaning manual
Width 400 – 2500mm